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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 16, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. they met before and made their cases, but the public has not been convinced. why the gop can't seem to stick with a front runner. >> he's the northern california man who helped start the tea party. why he is running from the camera. >> it looks like the pressure is getting to mayor quan. what she had to give up. >> the tsunami struck japan in march and now we are seeing debris washing up on the west coast. the item that floated faster than the rest. good evening, i'm dana king. >> oakland's embattled mayor is issuing a recall note of her
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own. she is shutting down her facebook page. >> if you have seen the comments, you'll see why. and robert lyles shows us her reception at the form on occupy tonight wasn't any fun. >> scheduled to address occupy oakland, it seems her first shot was at me. >> i was under a lot of pressure from some of the gentleman. >> she told the crowd the mentally disturbed had taken to violence inside the camp and relayed this story. >> the morgue called to say the occupy people were there to see if they killed him. >> panel turned on her. >> we are not responsible for the ills of capitalism. we are not responsible for mental health issues. we are not responsible. >> we are no longer asking for your permission. to tolerate or not tolerate anything. >> i don't think to defend your work, you have to put down
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our work. >> some were escorted out. then all hell broke loose with chants of recall. recall is why many say they are here. in fact, there are now two recall petitions and a third is in the making. >> a recall would suggest she was competent. >> is that what you believe? >> i don't think about quan. i do believe she is incompetent. >> mayor using social media has disabled her facebook page tonight and here are the tame responses. we don't need your facebook page, we have the ballot box. mayor quan needs to publicly apl jiz and resign. you're an embarrassing failure. >> you disabled your facebook page today, is that because of a negative responses? >> we are keeping one up. >> responses had nothing to do with that? >> there are racist things in them. so we can only maintain one at
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a time. >> now we were unable to verify the comments, but i can tell you that the crowd grew so hostile inside the commonwealth club that the mayor had to be escorted out of a back entrance thr. is a growing concern tonight and that is, will this recall movement survive? cbs 5 already learned that there is fighting and one petition requires nearly 20,000 signatures. if there's three, that means nearly 60,000 signatures. live in san francisco, i'm robert lyles, cbs 5. comparisons to tim tebow and ronald reagan. a scam and having a lack of focus. all part of tonight's final republican debate before voters decide who will challenge president obama. elizabeth cook on the ever changing gop race. >> well, first of all. >> newt gingrich tried to
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maintain his nice guy persona. he deflected about his involvement about fanny may and freddie mac. >> when he was taking $1.6 million to influence senior republicans to keep the scam going. >> that's just not true. what she just said is not true. ingly think that is shocking that he is saying that. >> gingrich responded to a criticism from iowa's republican governor who isn't sure gingrich has the focus it takes to become president. cbs 5 political analyst is watching and says -- >> newt gingrich has been warned before and he is still around, but are you really going to wear that suit in the 2012 election? are you going to buy into something where you hung it up in the closet? >> kept it civil.
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>> i understand what it will take to put americans back to work. >> ron paul has been gaining in the polls and could surprise on january 3. >> i as the president wouldn't want to run the world. and i don't want to run the economy. >> michele bachmann, and rick santorum campaigned aggressively in iowa. hoping for a come from behind win. compared himself to football's comeback king. >> i hope i'm the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> republican voters should focus on the bigger picture. >> the real issue is not that this is a house divided against itself, they can't get to the place where they are thinking about general election strategy. if they are going to win the white house, they have to think about next fall, not this spring. >> the debate cosponsored by the iowa republican party and
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fox news is the final televised showdown. among the candidates before the caucuses formally open on january 3. dana. >> elizabeth cook, thank you. one of the founders of the tea party made a mad dash from the media tonight. mark meckler had been arraigned after trying to carry a loaded gun on to a plane. >> i'll break it. >> he is from grass valley. he declare thad he had a gun, but he descrunt a he doesn't have a new york permit to car tri. author, and pun dent,
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christopher hutchins has died. he was best known for his ease says in vanity fair and slate. and for his best selling manifesto, god is not great. the u.s. started the war in iraq with shock and awe. remember all those massive explosions in baghdad? tonight, nine years and a trillion dollars and about 4500 american lives later, the u.s. is officially out of iraq. jim action axlerod shows us what happened and what happens now. >> for the final time, the colors were presented in iraq. the ceremony marked the official end of mission. defense secretary took stock of the treasure spent, more than $800 billion, and the blood
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spills during the last nine years. >> today in particular, we remember the nearly 4,500 brave americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. >> now the war is in the hands of the historians who will weigh the brittle dictator. >> perhaps mindful of the unpopularity, a mission accomplished. >> next time i come back, i'm going have to be invited in. i'm going to have to be invited by the iraqi government and i kind of like that. >> with headquarters now closed. over the next several days, the last of the u.s. troops will begin moving toward kuwait and leaving iraq. the military doesn't want to say exactly when this will happen. worried about a tax from iranian backed militias on the
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way. >> we mark the end. >> joseph allen with 36 years in the army and four tours of iraq is headed home to retire. >> this is a bittersweet moment. i've had five birthdays here. it's been a lot of deployment. so it's time to go. it's time. >> the sun is setting on the mission here. and soon, only one flag will fly over iraq. jim axlerod, baghdad. back here at home, barry bonds will find out whether he is going to prison. he'll be sentenced? san francisco federal court for obstruction of justice. he was convicted in april for his role in the steroids scandal. prosecutors have asked for 15 months in prison. lawyers have requested probation. >> other bay area headlines, a preliminary hearing day for the two men accused of beating
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brian stowe will be set next month. sanchez and marvin appeared in court today. both plodded not guilty to charges stemming from the attack outside dodgers staid glum march. meanwhile, stowe is in a rehab facility and dogs say she has shown encouraging signs of a recovery. >> san jose police made a major graffiti bust. it follows a three-month investigation. four of them are responsible for 60 tags and $50,000 worth of graffiti damage. some suspects also face weapons, narcotics, and burglary charges. the band will play on in a bay area middle school despite a cruel robbery. the franklin middle school band was performing tuesday night when thieves ripped off the collection box. the $700 in it was intended for instruments and other expenses.
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the thieves are still on the loose. lez than a year after the japan tsunami, we are starting to see some debris. where on the west coast it's washing up. the man who calls him america's toughest sheriff accused of dediscrimination. what he witnessed firsthand. and holy batman. how you can get your hands
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lawman, known for his tough stance on il he's an outspoken arizona lawman known for his tough stance on illegal immigration. mare koa pa county sheriff, joe arpaoi has gone too far. a wide range of civil rights violations, including unjust patrols and unconstitutional jail policies. a defiant arpaio called it a politically motivated attack that will make arizona unsafe. >> might as well erect their own pink neon sign at the arizona, mexico border, saying welcome all illegals to your united states. our home is your home.
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>> he has three weeks to decide whether he will agree to make some changes and if not, the government will sue him. the justice department's report also accused his office of retaliating against his critics. >> one of them is a bay area district attorney, allen martin spoke with him about what he says he saw firsthand. >> george was police chief in mesa, arizona, when he did complain about arpaio. >> i said i never lived in the cell during the segregation years, but based on what i read and seen, this feels like that. >> here's how the sheriff once described his crackdown on illegal immigrants. >> we have investigated, detained, arrested, investigated in our jails, acting as federal immigration
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agents over 40,000 people. >> after a 2 1/2 year investigation, the u.s. justice department says arpaio took part in the racial profiling. for example, latino drivers were 4 to 9 times more likely to be pulled over in maricopa county. the culture grew and thrived during his twenty years as sheriff, leading to a reputation where he could get away with handling jail over crowding by housing inmates in tents under the blazing sun. >> tent city, i mean, sometimes it would be 120 degrees and people are dehydrating. people that are ill. much like a concentration camp. >> latino inmates were dediscriminated against in the jail. and the whole situation was compounded by the sheriff department's retaliation against those who dared
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criticize its tactics. >> they would harass you, they would try to defame you. they start criminal investigations against you. baseless criminal investigations. >> they ignored the risks and threats, even testified before congress. arpaio wouldn't have staid this long without supporters, but many of those believe the end is justified the means. now, those means have been exposed and vilified. >> what makes me feel good about it, now there's a road to recovery. >> in san francisco, allen martin, cbs 5. >> first wave of debris from japan's tsunami reached the west coast. a black bowie from japan was found at a beach four hours from seattle. it surprised the experts who were not expecting debris this soon. >> that's about as good as the evidence gets for first arrivals. >> already? i thought it was supposed so be
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a year? i thought it would be months before it hit hawaii. >> ten more bowies have been spotted in the area. they are light and they travel much faster than much of the wreckage because they float and are pushed by the wind. a lot more debris is expected to wash ashore. california to southern alaska in about a year. all for anyone who dreamed of being a super hero, here's your chance. well, at least to drive around town like one. this replica of the betmobile from the 1960s show is on sale in a dublin showroom. the sales manager said it's a copy and getting a lot of attention. he says a police officer pulled him over during his first drive. >> he walked up and said, what is this? >> well, five other officers pulled up promptly and needed to take a look at the
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batmobile. >> it can shoot out the flame just like the batmobile did. the car is street legal. asking price, $60,000. okay, it looks like we got off to a quarter of an inch of rain across the bay area today. now we do have some partly cloudy skies. cool and breezy. 30s overnight low in the santa clara valley. otherwise, we will have bright sunshine in the forecast for your friday. but rain and ires return, plus the know when we return rig here on
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good evening thursday night, december 15, just ten days away from christmas. i know, right? let's head on outside at our live cbs 5 weather camera looking out. we are actually able to see the 69% waning moon. it's on its way to becoming a full moon on christmas eve and a full moon on january 8. we will see some partly cloudy
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skies, but then tomorrow the abundance of clear skies as an offshore flow kicks in. it will be dry through next week at this time and the next possibility of any rain showers, a 60% comes next friday. that means possibility a white christmas in tahoe. offshore flow kicks in tomorrow. that's when the winds rotate from the north and east. our inland areas and blow offshore. no fog anticipated. some dry northeast winds. they will peek north and east of the bay. take a look at the scale here and you'll see by the morning commute, 41-mile per hour wind gusts and you'll notice again, it's to the north and to the east where we do see the substantial wind gusts, but they will remain below wind advisory criteria. winds begin to calm by the evening commute. now meanwhile tonight overnight, not as cold due to that breeze and windy condition. temperatures into the 30s and 40s. otherwise tomorrow will be slightly warmer than today.
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topping off in the 60s. we didn't make it up to 60 today. the extended forecast calls for a string of sunny days through the weekend and introduce a few clouds on monday and tuesday through wednesday and again this time next week. did somebody say monday? oh yeah. it's time for some monday not football. 49ers playing host to the stey's steelers and 53 degrees. here is kim. >> thanks roberta. the raiders do something they haven't done since they moved back to oakland. could the sharks put an end to [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered.
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conference... and it looked like the sharks have lost three straight and fallen to 9th place in the western conference and it looks like the losing streak will continue tonight. colorado had a 4-2 lead after two periods. at least you know, you never count out the sharks at the tank. burns denied on the first shot, but scores on the rebound. it's 4-3aves. right in front of the net to tie it and with 8 1/2 minutes to go, patrick marlowe shot is redirected. the sharks score three goals in the third period to beat the avalanche 5-4. baseball news. the twins have signed josh willingham to a deal worth $21 million. he played himself out of the
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a's budget by having 98 runs batted in last season. the raiders sold out every home game and that streak will continue sunday. the seven sellouts std most since the team moved back to oakland in 1995. the raiders remain on pass to break the single season record for penalties and once again, hugh jackson is confident his team can correct the problem for the final three games. >> something that coach jackson definitely addressed with us this week, loudly. >> there's no magical stuff. that's not how it works. if we want to win and as bad as this team and organization does, i think to a man, we will start handling those things better. >> even santa take as brat for thursday night football. all want for christmas is a spot in the playoffs.
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he teles for two touchdowns. in the driver's seat for a wild card spot in the nfc. big man, kwame brown, one warrior says they can't use the shortened free season as an excuse. >> learning a lot from a guy like tim tebow. you look at his situation and talking about the morning. there's power in positive tuff thinking. i'm a gator. i'm allowed to do that, right? i'm not doing it out of the blue. >> it comes back to tim tebow. the lakers may have lucked out on chris paul, but they have one big name. while ron artest may have a new name, not much else has
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changed. >> i was home just thinking about it, and i was like wow, what if i lost my team and i'm 32, you know. i did my new teeth to grow back in. i was thinking about that, that is brilliant. he actually thought about people's image and persona. you would be ugly with no
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